Strickly Hockey
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Program Features

Two On-Ice Sessions Daily 1 1/2 hour skills instruction 1 hour refereed game   Daily Video and Lecture Informative and educational sessions to help players understand and think the game of hockey   Daily Off-Ice Recreation Floor Hockey, Soccer, Swimming or Dry Land Training to Improve On-Ice Performance   Off-Ice Shooting Practice Accuracy Shooting and Quick Release Techniques   Daily Game Participants at Strickly Hockey Hockey School Really Enjoy the Practice. But They Love the Game Goaltender Instruction Goalie instruction will be provided during practice slots while players are working on skating drills, goalies will work on specific goalie skating and movement drills.   Daily Supervision Players Will be Supervised During All Camp Activities, Both On And Off Ice, Including Lunch Time   Crested Hockey Jersey Each Child Will Receive A Detailed Schedule, List Of Rules And Regulations, And A Crested Hockey Jersey On Registration Day